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The History of Wedding Caterings

Wedding catering is an integral part of modern weddings, but it has a rich and varied history that spans many centuries. In this blog post, we'll explore the origins of wedding catering, its evolution over time, and how it has changed over the last decade. We'll also discuss how we can help with your wedding in the Erie, PA and Chataqua County, NY areas, whether new age or old fashioned.

The Origins of Wedding Catering

The tradition of wedding feasts dates back to ancient times, where they were seen as a celebration of the union of two families. In medieval Europe, wedding feasts were elaborate affairs, featuring multiple courses and extravagant displays of food and drink. During the Renaissance, wedding banquets became even more elaborate, with exotic ingredients and lavish table settings.

In the early 20th century, wedding catering began to take on a more modern form, with the rise of professional catering companies and standardized menus. During this time, wedding receptions became more formal and structured, with a set menu and seating arrangements.

The Evolution of Wedding Catering

Over time, wedding catering continued to evolve, reflecting changes in society and culture. In the 1960s and 70s, wedding receptions became more casual and relaxed, with buffet-style meals and self-service bars. In the 80s and 90s, wedding catering took on a more personalized and customized approach, with couples opting for unique themes, menu items, and decor.

In the last decade, wedding catering has undergone even more significant changes, driven by the rise of social media, foodie culture, and a desire for more personalized experiences. Today's couples are more likely to choose non-traditional wedding venues, such as outdoor locations, industrial spaces, or art galleries, which offer more creative and unique catering options.

We at Erie Catering and Events have had the pleasure of serving weddings at some of the premium wedding venues, both traditional and non traditional. If you're still looking for magnificent venue, make sure to check out Bear Ridge Destination in Clymer, NY.

If you're in the market for a more traditional venue, we are the exclusive caterer of St. James Place, one of the biggest facilities on the east side of Erie, PA.

Trends in Wedding Catering

A trend that has been the rise of more casual and interactive dining experiences. Couples are opting for food stations, interactive displays, and small plates, which allow guests to sample a wider variety of dishes and mingle more freely.

Finally, customization has become increasingly important in wedding catering. Couples want to create a unique and personalized experience for their guests, with menu items that reflect their tastes, cultural backgrounds, or shared experiences. We offer specialized menus or custom dishes, which allow couples to create a truly memorable dining experience for their guests.


Wedding catering has come a long way since its origins in ancient times, and it continues to evolve and change with each passing year. Today's couples are more focused on sustainability, customization, and unique dining experiences, and caterers have responded by offering creative and innovative menus that reflect these values. Whether you're planning a traditional banquet or a modern foodie feast, wedding catering remains an essential element of any wedding celebration.

Feel free to contact us at or call us at 814-600-4795 for more information or to schedule a tasting today!

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